But did you know that orchids are also very prolific in Australia? In Australia there are between 1,200 and 1,400 orchid species with 80 per cent of these not found anywhere else in the world.A number of these also have some extremely specialised adaptations not seen elsewhere in the orchid family.
Orchids that prefer high light -- unobstructed sunlight, streaming through a clear, south-facing window or into a greenhouse for 6 to 8 hours -- include vandas and angraecums. Medium-high light orchids, such as phragmipediums, oncidiums, and dendrobiums, grow in locations that are bright but not directly sunny.
Zingiber olivaceum 'Champagne Beehive' - A beautiful beehive ginger producing long lasting flowers. Prefers a warm position in the garden, frost free. Flowers rarely in subtropical or temperate climates, therefore best suited to the tropics.
New Year's Eve Australian celebrations are famous in the whole world. Not only Australia is one of the countries where the new year arrives first, but being in the Southern hemisphere, Australians also enjoy Christmas and NYE holidays at the peak of their summertime.