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Re: [Announcement] Ruby Library Depot Updated ! by Ben Ritter » Fri Jun 11, 2010 10:24 pm Didier, thank you, I've used the site many times and I appreciate what you've done for us.
Download PipeAlongPath.rb from Didier Bur's Ruby Script Library. Save it under the Plugins folder under your SketchUp installation directory. Restart Sketchup. It will appear under the "Plugins" menu as "Pipe Along Path." Usage 1. Draw any connected lines, curves etc. Here a path is made from a line, arc and freehand curve.
Seperti Semua plugin buatan Fredo6 membutuhkan Lib_Fredo atau semua plugin buatan Thomthom membutuhkan TT_Lib untuk dapat digunakan di sketchup. Sebaiknya file library yang dipergunakan adalah file Library release paling akhir, karena plugin baru biasanya menggunakan file library release terbaru.