Man I just started playing DCS 2.5 in VR and im addicted, total noob but its fun learning bit by bit. Can't wait for the F/A18 to be released. User #61975 7301 posts
Call to Earth. Freedom Project. Impact Your World.
DCS World in VR is an amazing experience that is very demanding on hardware! Is it even possible to play with good looking ... Today I will show you how you can get more than 30% better performance in DCS World 2.5 or Digital Combat Simulator in VR on ...
VAICOM PRO for DCS World | User Guide 48. To start, open your profile in VoiceAttack and look for these 6 commands in category Expansion packs: Link Tune, Radar Scan Sector, Radio Tune and TACAN Tune with descriptions: ZAIRIO – manual tuning [, and two Map Markers commands.